What is the use of wearing yoga suits for exercise?

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2018-10-30 15:05

How to choose yoga clothes ?

1. This fabric needs to be breathable.

The fabric of yoga clothes must be breathable. When we practice yoga. After an extensive warm-up, the body will sweat profusely. If the fabric is not breathable and does not absorb sweat, a steam trap will form around the body.

Therefore, when buying yoga clothes, be sure to pay attention and avoid chemical fiber fabrics. Cotton fabric is the basic choice, but although linen is breathable, it does not shrink and your clothes will fall off easily during practice. You can choose cotton and linen blends, and adding some Lycra to ensure elasticity is also a good choice.

2. The design must be close to the skin.

The design must be close to the body, and you cannot choose loose yoga clothes for two reasons: 1. There is no problem at all when doing horizontal or back-bending postures with loose yoga clothes. But when doing handstand, clothes can easily slip off, exposing clothes and inner parts, which is very unsightly. 2. Loose clothes can easily cover up your posture, making it difficult to observe whether your movements are in place.

Therefore, when choosing a tailoring design, you must choose a suitable one. When you practice, whether it is yoga backbend, yoga handstand or shoulder stand, there is no problem at all. If you like this set of elegant and comfortable loose yoga clothes, you can have a spare set, which is also a good choice to wear when meditating.

3. Try to wear short sleeves and long trousers.

There are many styles of yoga, beyond the basic short-sleeved pants, that vary with the needs of the person. And the weather is getting hotter and hotter, people will choose some vests. If some people go to the beach for vacation to pursue beauty, many people will still choose bikinis.

In fact, this is all wrong. Because when you practice yoga, it usually lasts 2-3 hours before we can have a complete experience, warm-up and posture training. There will be simple breaks in between. If it's short-sleeved or a tank top, especially a bikini, it can only take good-looking photos. Because I wear too little during practice, it is easy to catch a cold. Short-sleeved trousers can meet your cooling needs without putting a burden on the body.

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